Thursday, July 19, 2007

And Baby Makes 5!!

I am sooooo excited to be able to announce that we are expecting baby #3!!!!!  And somewhere, deep inside of me, I KNOW that this is our girl!!!!!

However, I have my skeptics. The nay-sayers who don't believe. Just kidding, they are just looking at the facts. Like the fact that my husbands mother had two boys. I have had two (wonderful, precious, amazing) boys (whom I ADORE!!!!) And m husband's brother has a boy. Yep, all boys in this family! But, doesn't that mean we are overdue for a girl?  I'm just sayin.

My first appointment will be August 6th, so we will get to see our baby's heartbeat and confirm how far along we are. In a few months we'll know if she's a girl. I guess for now, I will ponder these things in my heart, like Mary did. Can I confess something though?  I started a journal for our journey to baby #3 in May and since then, I have started every entry "Dear Princess", just knowing in my heart that this one is our long-awaited for, much prayed for baby girl. But my family and friends think I am setting myself up for disappointment, including my dear hubby. But how could I be disappointed if I end up with another healthy, beautiful baby boy?! No way. Either way I will praise the Lord. However, I just KNOW this one's a girl!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Finally place for our thoughts!!!

We have finally decided to try blogging. I like the idea of putting our thoughts out there and see if we can connect with others. Whether it's to encourage one another or just to vent, I have a feeling it will be therapeutic. So we'll give it a try. And hopefully it will be as fun to read as I am sure it will be to write, too.