Thursday, May 26, 2016

Nashville's Bugging Me

I've been silent for a while because I have been unsure and afraid of what to say.  But I never stopped my search for Peace. And for what my Piece is in this Puzzle of Life. It's still not clear to me but what has become obvious is that I need to share what I am learning...

Our world is broken.

Full of hurting people.

Hurting, broken people.

And all we keep doing is hurting each other more and more.

Which leads me to Nashville. Not the city, but the show. Confession: I love that show. I love the music, the actors, the stories. I've been a bit behind but recently got caught up on Hulu. But these last few episodes have hurt my heart like it hasn't hurt in a while.

I realize this may sound so crazy, hurting over a TV show. But the truth is the show's premise is rooted in reality... it's that reality that is breaking my heart. I cannot keep silent anymore.

Through this fictional show, we've met this fictional character named Will Lexington. He's a phenomenal musician, who recently came out as a gay artist. In Country Music, this has proven to be taboo.

The show does a beautiful job pulling us into each character's life, and showing us who they are AS PEOPLE. You know... like real people. Like you and me.

Hurting, broken people.

Do y'all know who Jesus came to die for?

Hurting, broken people.

This Will Lexington, I tell ya. He has done some pretty brave things in the face of some pretty big hate. A few people have noticed... his father for one, who has finally started speaking to him again.

However, there is this "Conservative Reporter" who is being nothing short of hateful.

Now, I don't know if this fictional reporter is supposed to be a Conservative Christian or a Conservative atheist, but regardless, in this show, she is representing us as a generic group: Conservatives in General. And in her Conservative Crusade, she is downright mean and hateful.

And that's the problem.

When we conservatives "Take a Stand"... the way we go about it comes across as mean and hateful. Many times, the way it is done IS QUITE mean and hateful. How does that accomplish anything but to stir the waters even more? It pushes people AWAY from God, not towards Him.

Don't you realize that is
"God's kindness that leads (people) to repentance?"
-Romans 2:4

Whether or not you are believer, you know hate is not the way to accomplish change. You know that. I know that. Jesus knew that. He came to love. It is HIS job to change people, not ours. It is our job to love them.

And so, when I see people hurting each other in the name of change, or protection of values or tradition or whatever, whether real or fictional, it hurts my heart. This pain has kept me away from social media, blogging and the like but I realized I can't be frustrated with a problem if I refuse to help find / be part of the solution. So this is one of my pieces of the puzzle. And speaking out has finally brought me Peace.