Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Heaven is Like A 4 Year Old's World

This is life from my 4yo's perspective:

  • Dancing makes everything better. Or perfect. Yea, dancing makes everything perfect.

  • Making friends is easy. Everyone is a best friend in waiting!

  • Love is it. "I love love!" 

When I get so tired I want to quit everything, I look at her and remember it doesn't have to be so difficult. We are already so blessed, why not just enjoy the moment. This one, right here. 

Sometimes I think abut heaven and can't wait to get there. This life is hard. As soon as one problem gets fixed, another crops up. Heaven will be so glorious. Just dancing, worshipping our Father, experiencing His love like never before. Sharing it with friends no longer bogged down by the pressure of comparisons, focused only on Him. 

Then I remember, He has us here now for a purpose. And He gave me a little girl to remind me He's given me a little piece of heaven right now.

Thank you Father!