About the Title

A Puzzle Peace. That's what we have. Life has been a wonderful roller coaster, wonderful and painful, and nothing even close to what I had dreamed! But I have learned that's OK. God has a Master Plan, kinda like a Big Picture Puzzle He is putting together. And I only get one little piece of the puzzle. I have NO idea where my piece goes or how it fits into His Bigger Picture, and often, that drives me cRaZy! But, I have a Peace that surpasses understanding which calms my heart and helps me get through the day. 

This Peace reminds me it's OK that I don't have all the answers. God IS in control, He DOES have a plan, and everything will work out for His glory. 

So I've learned to treasure the good days, and trust Him with the not-so-good days until the day I finally see where my little puzzle piece really goes, which will be when I am safely in His arms.