Monday, December 17, 2007


Today I had my 24 week appointment. Fear cannot describe how I feel right now. I spoke with Dr. Pitcher about the tightening I have been feeling, and she said this is not good. Though I "researched" it and thought they were just "Braxton-Hicks" or "practice contractions" and had calmed myself down, Dr. Pitcher says it's too early for me to start feeling them and that I need rest as much as possible, laying flat to keep pressure off my cervix or I will be jeopardizing our baby girl's safety. How am I supposed to lay flat with two little monkeys running around?! But I must find a way. I WILL NOT put her in danger!!

Help me Lord!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's A....

GIRL!!!!   YES Ladies and Gentlemen!!! We just had our Sonogram today and the tech confirmed this is our baby girl!!!

There we were in the room, waiting for that moment when she touches the sonogram probe to my belly. I was quite nervous. What if after all this confidence I was wrong? Another boy would be fine, but still. Was I wrong?

Then she touches my belly and says "there, can you tell what it is?"

Being my 3rd pregnancy, I guess she assumed I would be able to tell. I looked carefully, and could not bring myself to say it, "Is.... Is that a girl?!"  (I had never seen a girl's sonogram before!)

"YES!" She confirmed!!!

"Are you SURE?"  I asked her, not quite believing what I was seeing, "I mean, sonograms CAN BE wrong."

"Honey," she said, "I have done over 19,000 sonograms and I have NEVER been wrong." She states.

She's NEVER BEEN WRONG?!?! I repeated in my head.  Though I had been declaring it for the past 4 months, I could not believe it. We are going to have a little girl!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yes, folks, Tomorrow is Sonogram Day!!!

All this time, I have felt like this precious baby inside me is a girl. Tomorrow, we will find out for sure. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

The other day at work, my boss was giving me statistics on gender probability in families. He was well-meaning, but still! He said he wanted to remind me that %75 of families who have two boys first end up having a third boy  as well. I told him, yep, that means that %25 have a girl!

Am I being stubborn? Or faithful? I know he just doesn't want me to be disappointed, and I appreciate that. But like I said when I found out I was expecting this baby, I will NOT be disappointed either way. How could I?! God is blessing me with another child!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Potty VS The Mommy

I think that Potty Training is the arch nemesis of mothers everywhere. Correct me if I am wrong. I can deal with just about everything else, but this Potty Training thing is KILLING ME!!!! There are a number of issues at hand:

  1. How was I supposed to know HC was/is ready? He turned three a couple weeks ago, but we have been battling this for a year and a half! I started him when I was told I was "supposed to start potty training." I am afraid we started too soon, and now we have messed him up. For life?
  2. The preschool says he cannot attend if he is not fully potty-trained. WHAT?!? Talk about pressure!!!  For me and for the little guy!!
  3. I feel like we are going in circles, success one week then two steps back the next. I hear stories from friends whose kids potty trained in weeks, even days!!! But I tell you... we've been at it for a year and a half!!!

And so how exactly does a mom figure this out with her first child? How did you? I'd love any insight you can share!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

And Baby Makes 5!!

I am sooooo excited to be able to announce that we are expecting baby #3!!!!!  And somewhere, deep inside of me, I KNOW that this is our girl!!!!!

However, I have my skeptics. The nay-sayers who don't believe. Just kidding, they are just looking at the facts. Like the fact that my husbands mother had two boys. I have had two (wonderful, precious, amazing) boys (whom I ADORE!!!!) And m husband's brother has a boy. Yep, all boys in this family! But, doesn't that mean we are overdue for a girl?  I'm just sayin.

My first appointment will be August 6th, so we will get to see our baby's heartbeat and confirm how far along we are. In a few months we'll know if she's a girl. I guess for now, I will ponder these things in my heart, like Mary did. Can I confess something though?  I started a journal for our journey to baby #3 in May and since then, I have started every entry "Dear Princess", just knowing in my heart that this one is our long-awaited for, much prayed for baby girl. But my family and friends think I am setting myself up for disappointment, including my dear hubby. But how could I be disappointed if I end up with another healthy, beautiful baby boy?! No way. Either way I will praise the Lord. However, I just KNOW this one's a girl!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Finally place for our thoughts!!!

We have finally decided to try blogging. I like the idea of putting our thoughts out there and see if we can connect with others. Whether it's to encourage one another or just to vent, I have a feeling it will be therapeutic. So we'll give it a try. And hopefully it will be as fun to read as I am sure it will be to write, too.