Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Hello" Said the Strange Little Boy

What makes him strange? That he said "Hello" to a stranger? Why does that make him odd? We thought it made him extraordinary. Not many people are that friendly anymore. Especially to strangers.

Yes, I am talking about my oldest. He is 5 and not shy in the least. How he came from his dad and me is beyond us! Anyone who knew us as kids knows we were painfully shy. But not HC. He will walk up to people with a big smile and say "Hello! I'm HC". Often, the people he just cordially greeted will look at him like he is an alien, and turn away. Sometimes they smile and say hi back. Always they get a look in their eyes of utter surprise.

Why is that?

Now, don't get me wrong. We've talked to him about stranger danger, and he knows all the safety rules abut talking to strangers. On this particular day, we were at the playground having a picnic lunch and another family sat at the table in front of us. He was with family and within arms distance from me, so he knew it was safe to approach the other mom. He took his two steps forward and smiled his biggest smile and said "HI! I'm HC!" and just grinned at her waiting for a response. She literally did a double take. Saw me kind of watching the scenario then smiled back tentatively and said "Oh, hello!" 

Chris and I just stared in awe of our son. He inspires me everyday to try and be more like him. Furthermore, despite the less-than friendly reactions received, he continues to do it! We worried about his sweet spirit getting broken, but actually, I believe it is growing! He's amazing.

What if we were all like HC? What if we were all just so excited to make new friends and be nice to everyone we meet that we could hardly hold it back like him? That would be a beautiful place.

Then again. I believe that's what heaven is promised to be =)