Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When I'm Four...

There are so many things I would expect to follow that sentence. This was not one of them!

At dinner tonight, C picked all the ham off her Hawaiian pizza and declared that she did not like ham. BUT... she followed that declaration with this statement:

"When I'm four I'll like ham. But I'm not four yet, so I don't like ham."

WHAT?! Where did this come from? Where did she come up with this?? So silly, I thought...

Then, I realized the wisdom in her statement. Our taste buds do change! I like things now I despised when I was younger. So, yeah, maybe when she is four she will like ham!

Too bad she just turned three. Oh well, she can keep picking the ham off until her next birthday.

Thanks for reading! Perhaps this reminded you of something profound one of your kids said at dinner recently? Do Share!!


1 comment:

  1. Savannah does something similar, but opposite. She blames everything bad she did on being a baby (even if it happened last week).
    If I ask her about a broken toy, she'll respond with "I broke it when I was a baby."
    Funny how their little minds work!