Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leftover Overload!

This is quite possibly the silliest thing I could get excited about, yet, I must confess... I am sooo excited about this organizing solution I just discovered!!!

I am obsessed with saving stuff. Especially food. Problem: leftover overload

Getting it together post about my lack of organizational skills. It's been a year since I posted that, and I have been trying to solve each of my problems one at a time. This one was so simple, I'm kicking myself...

Dry erase marker on Tupperware!!

This ONE simple realization has been an amazing help! I just write the date & contents of the Tupperware on the outside of the container with a dry erase marker. Then when I look in the fridge, I know exactly how old each container is and what's in it! It has helped us make sure to eat the oldest leftovers first, and identify what's in them instead of just "a science experiment gone wrong"!


...What are some simple things that worked for you?

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